The New School Stands With Us


To the occupiers of UCSC,

We fellow workers and students from New York City stand in solidarity with those at UC Santa Cruz who have occupied their university against the cuts and austerity measures forced on them by capital and its bureaucrats.

Public services are some of the first gains to be rescinded when capital desperately thrashes out in an effort to valorize itself. As workers have been crowded out of their jobs, and as the failure of various financial machinations to alleviate this crisis has become clear, more have been heading back to school. They have been burying their heads under even more debt with the hope of riding out the job scarcity and making themselves more attractive to employers.

As California’s universities reduce their enrollment by tens of thousands and simultaneously increase student fees and tuition, they are giving us a clear message: there is no escape from this turbulence.

So lets meet it head on.

We are workers and students. Both labels, while signaling different functions under capitalism, infer social roles predicated on material dispossession and a poverty of meaningful creative existence. These are the conditions we seek to transcend through organization and revolutionary praxis. These are the roles we seek to abolish.

Lately, those with a proprietary investment in the prevailing political, economic and social order have labeled us with countless specious and unflattering sobriquets: terrorists, intruders, criminals, fanatics, undemocratic vanguardists — even fascists.

You should expect the same.

That the rhetoric has risen to such vacuous and vitriolic heights only reveals the imminent threat that self-organization and autonomous action pose to the status quo.

Each of us began as atomized subjects careening off each other in chaotic trajectories. This generalized separation is the direct product of the destructive, competitive imperatives of capital imposed upon every human life.

As individuals we learn, work, sleep, drink, debate, fight and struggle. However, when we abolish the separation that permeates our lives we become the human embodiment of that oft-trampled watchword, solidarity, made shockingly concrete. It is only collectively that our voices attain transformative potential. It is only as a singular, united mass of human potential that we can take control over our lives.

In an epoch when all human life has been subsumed by capital we cannot spirit ourselves away or live in self-imposed isolation. Our arena of struggle is the battlefield of everyday life.

This is how we learn. This is how we fight.

Workers and students, in this generalized crisis of capitalism, we will constantly search for the fractures in the system and attack them with all of our might. Now is the time to use all of our weapons: the strike, the rally, the propaganda, the fires, all the diverse and joyful expressions of our reason and our rage.

Above all, we must occupy the fractures, occupy the space between and inside institutions, overturn markets, agitate in communities, and arrest all the circuits of capital. We must, in essence, occupy space and time.

We must act not just to stop the functions of the system, nor to merely displace the detritus of this rotting world, but to simultaneously destroy and create: to allow the birth of a new world so pregnant within the womb of the old.

In lives so totally subsumed by the logic of capital, revolution can only possibly mean a total rupture from the past. Let us not view this as simply the most recent of world crises of capital, but the last!

Take over the campus. Take over the city. END CAPITAL.

New School Schwarz und Rot,
Antithesis Collective (NEFAC)
24 September 2009


One Response to “The New School Stands With Us”

  1. Left society, St Andrews university, Scotland Says:

    Comrades, feel us at your side while you stand against the bloody system of greed and suppression.
    Education is a right, not a privilege, and we must not let the bosses deprive us from this right.
    Your legitimate resistance against the capitalist regime which now extended to squeeze more the students and workers is admirable. Do not give up!

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