Solidarity pics from Union Square, New York City » -11

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  1. NSSR Says:


    The night was joyous revelry. The mass moved through the conduits of the city, undeterred by material and social barriers, spurred on by the barricades we’ve raised in our hearts. Barricades against boredom, exploitation and the false trappings of a decaying, so-called affluence.

    Roving and ranging through the streets of Manhattan, we disrupted the rote circulation of the city’s walking dead. We occupied streets and ticked off taken avenues: 5th Avenue, check; 6th Avenue, check; 7th Avenue, that’s OURS.

    Onlookers gawked and gaped as though watching a spectacle, though perhaps unaware that this was in fact its absolute negation. Others spontaneously joined in: evening revelers in their Friday finest shouting OCCUPY EVERYTHING; proletarian youth on bikes chanting WHOSE STREETS, OUR STREETS; young student passers-by screaming FOREVER IS GONNA START TONIGHT.

    We played cat-and-mouse with police. City traffic allied with crooked streets to give us a decisive advantage. We moved leaderless through time and space, pleasuring in every moment of movement. After all, this is a movement with no demands except FUCKING EVERYTHING. When the time came we dispersed spontaneously, few words spoken because all had been said that needed saying.

    But this is not enough, it is never enough. Now is the time to make connections and push this crisis to its necessary conclusion. Solidarity with Santa Cruz means ATTACK.

    So rise up Berkeley, rise up CUNY, rise up Stella Doro, rise up workers and students!

    Take the streets. Occupy everything. Off the sidewalks, into the FUTURE.

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