A beautiful message of solidarity from NYU


In the face of crisis as usual, individuals have come together not to protest. Not to ask for things from those who buy and sell our lives as abstracts. But to take what is ours. Capital has dictated our every interaction through alienation and competition for too long. Now with the cracks of capitalism ever salient, it is our time to rise with hammers in hand, smash the prison it has created and move together in action to create the future. There will be those who defend their privilege. We must make them fear the neck tie around their necks, for it is the noose of their destruction. There will be those who criticize action while sitting in a Starbucks blogging about “change” through voting. They will never be moved until the bricks come through the window shattering their world of lies.

It is inspiring to know that from the UK to New York City, from Denmark to California the people have had enough. We stand in solidarity with the UCSC occupiers and all those who rise up against the oppressive reality that is capitalism. When we want something we will take it… take it back from those who took it from us. We will destroy anything in our path to liberation, even ourselves. Kill the policeperson in your head and stand to fight. We will not be silent! We will not be passive! We will take action! The time has come for us to occupy our lives, occupy our schools, occupy our factories, OCCUPY EVERYTHING! The occupations in New York were not the sparks that ignited this fire, but the stoking of the flames that are burning capitalism in the here and now that is our history. Where there is fire… WE WILL CARRY GASOLINE! Burning today to build tomorrow.

From the Belly of the beast,



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