Props from the Greek comrades


Some radical youth in Greece have translated the “Occupy California” communique into Greek and posted it on their blog. Fuck yeah!

Last winter Greece burned with the rage of exploited students, immigrants, youth, unemployed – a general insurrection of the dispossessed and disillusioned. This winter, it’s Cali’s turn.

Hollerin back at the rebels across the sea and around the world,

occupied ucsc


One Response to “Props from the Greek comrades”

  1. ZeroGara Says:

    I read the translation through the site where it was also copied.
    Just about anything you are willing to take over and occupy you will find moral support at least here. After what happened here last December the general community of radical left and anarchist movement has been under the gun of vicious attacks by the now united racist right and police.
    Little that they know is that their actions is what feeds into a more potent movement.
    In Greece for a long time there has been a university assylum, meaning outside forces have no right to enter a campus and activists can stay safe but surrounded on a campus. Since last year this has become a political issue where even the parliamentary left has been maintaining a distance while conservatives try to abolish this institution.
    You do have support here but what you are trying to achieve is what has been a fundamental human right here for decades, even through a 7 year military regime 67-74 it held. It is about time you decided to thow armed cops out of a campus. Public land should be governed by the public not the oligarchy of fascists.

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