The hardest lesson: Not being a student


The student is a privileged person in an underprivileged world of suffering, but only because she does not recognize her own boredom as a form of imprisonment, of torture. She is not only deadened to reality, she is also deprived of the consciousness of her own suffering. She accepts herself as ‘normal’, but it is only the normality of her repression that makes her like the rest of society.

The student movement is blind to itself: it does not understand the forces that push it into action, it cannot connect its struggle with its own life. The student movement seeks ‘demands’ everywhere, but because students cannot see the absurdity of their own lives and their own imprisonment, they cannot begin to imagine what the struggle is for. When the real struggle comes it will be easy to recognize because it will cut through all the bullshit in which we are trapped. It knows its objectives. Its tactics are clear. It moves with confidence.

We begin by killing the enemy within us, and within our friends with whom we share our classrooms, courtyards, and beds. We come together in small bands with those we have learned to trust, occupying everything that represses us. Taking back the schools, the streets, our lives. The function of the “student movement” must become something other than making demands of the University, but to destroy the existence of the ‘student’ as a distinct social role and character structure. More eager for grades than knowledge, more eager for a “good” job than to live without dead time, the first enemy is the student within you.

-adapted from the black mask pamphlet, a little treatise on dying (courtesy of the new school comrades)


One Response to “The hardest lesson: Not being a student”

  1. freethinker68 Says:

    HEAR HEAR….I understand walking among the dead….those dead to this corporate, sell-out society that we have tolerated for more than 200 years….I live on the edge…not in comfort like I used to…but just shy of the pavement in crude former Soviet Russia-like conditions…but I am liberated….not chained to the treadmill like the neighbors across the street who I call the “Beautiful” people….with their perfect house, perfect cars, perfect careers….the one I was supposed to adopt for my own…but chose to be free instead.

    We should all die to the current system….take it down, burn it…and then turn to each other and learn and teach and share skills, tools, resources, time and love….this will kill the cancer that is the “capitalist” system! Like a weed pushing through the pavement cracks…we must be as vigilant in our loving actions….


    In solidarity my brothers and sisters in the struggle

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