“Some radical kids in Chicago hung a banner on UIC’s campus as a small sign of solidarity to the kids at UCSC, and an even smaller sign of things to come. We don’t demand a thing, we will have it all.”




  1. fresh Says:

    definitely in solidarity with y’all, goals, etc…yet would like to open up can of worms of ownership of said space. i know for a fact that the $90 per year all students pay for “Student Facilities Fee” is supposed to be paying for purchase of Student Center. this fee has been going on for 10-15 years…YOU ARE NOT THE OCCUPIERS, YOU ARE THE OWNERS!!!…love and rage…X

  2. rotting Says:

    hey fresh,
    i would recommend you read bob meister’s article on the UC tuition called ‘they pledged your tuition’. the students don’t really own those buildings even if they’re student fees are going to it. the average student is paying for the fees and tuition by taking on debts to banks. meanwhile, the UC uses that money to back its bonds with Bank of NY Mellon Trust. so sure, student debt pays for the buildings, but banks own the buildings.

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