Solidarity from UCI



While no amount of words and jargon can express the same level of solidarity as going on the offensive in our own university, we want to express our excitement at the continued occupation up North in Santa Cruz. The logic of occupation is a brilliant one, serving as both beginning and end, ends and means, tactic and goal.

In Irvine, the humanistic septic tank of California, we are similarly confronted with a society we want no part in. The University is our easiest escape route, but a lazy one; we suffer through this insufferable prison under the premise that a better world awaits us. But this better world we so eagerly anticipate is really the better world of revolution—the better world found in occupation. We daily go to class, to the dining hall, to work without knowing our neighbors, our comrades, ourselves. But in the walkout on Thursday, we found each other in the commons. Again, this was not so much an ends as a means.

There are no more easy answers, no more easy solutions. But our conditions have become so intolerable in this crisis of Capitalism that we are compelled to act. Whether our occupation lasts 5 minutes or 5 months, whenever it is, we are beginning to take back what is ours, what has always been ours. In this impoverished university, we are no longer content with reforms or even restoration.When we realize that Foucault, Adorno, Fanon, or even Marx are absent from our classes; that ideas rooted in critical theory, postmodernism, feminism, and labor history are forced out of our faculties; that we need to read these texts on our own—we similarly realize that we no longer need the university, the university instead needs us. We want this machine to just die already, we are tired of being processed and spat out, drugged and hypnotized, into Capitalist culture. We have no more demands nor any interest in negotiations, we want everything and we want nothing.

As your occupation continues, deepens, and expands, we wish you our deepest regards in the struggle. You’ll hear more from SoCal soon, we promise!

From deep behind enemy lines,
Radical Student Union at UCI


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