We Have Ended the Occupation


We left this occupied space in order to escalate.  This is only the beginning of a year-long and multi-year effort to stop and reverse the damage being done to public education in California.

Many students and workers are learning from our action how to escalate their own resistance against leaders who are failing to protect our education system.  We hope this occupation and our future actions will also help catalyze people throughout the state of CA to fight back against the budget attacks on their communities.  All universities are being run like corporations, and the situation has become unacceptable. Now is the time for students across the nation to fight back.  We have received statements of solidarity from around California, the United States, and the world.  This is a struggle situated here, on our California campuses, but it is directed far beyond.

We leave not to retreat but to plan further modes of escalation.  We leave knowing that countless others out there are planning, gathering support, innovating, and strategizing.  This is the end of this particular action, but it is only the beginning of more actions everywhere, again and again, as long as it takes.

We’ll see you in the very near future.

In solidarity,



2 Responses to “We Have Ended the Occupation”

  1. why Says:

    This is kinda like Sarah Palin resigning. It’s kinda funny listening to the rationalization of how the occupation was successful when it clearly was a clusterfuck.

  2. A Series of Tubes » The revolution continues online Says:

    […] least one person associated with the GSC occupation is trying to portray the occupation as a success.  The blogger repeats in different words: “We leave not to retreat but to plan further modes […]

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