Interesting Pieces


What happens now? What is needed now? Here are two articles discussing the occupation with some analysis…

Mr. Barkan’s op-ed at

What is needed is a broad social movement throughout California with the capacity to articulate a new collective vision for the future that will replace this era of narrow special interests and for-profit social engineering. Nobody is sure at this time what a social movement to fix the system will look like yet, but experience has taught a hard lesson to students who protest cuts to their education: petitioning and attempts to negotiate with administrators do not work. The only choice left is to escalate their protests and, when necessary, occupy spaces. The student occupiers believe one of the first steps to building such a social movement is to show that escalation and occupation are necessary and possible.

also, this recently appeared in the UK the Guardian.  An interesting piece titled, “A communist revival?”

What is now needed is for workers and students to stop making demands on the state, whether that be nationalisation, concessions or government intervention; and figure out how to take their occupied spaces and make them their own.

We’ll begin to update this page periodically with other information, and hopefully a short documentary about what the occupation was about.


One Response to “Interesting Pieces”

  1. Furlough Fest Says:

    JUST IN TIME for this year’s furloughs, FURLOUGH FEST! In resistance to the statewide CSU budget cuts – and in solidarity with all other universities affected by budget cuts – CSUF will inadvertently host 3 days of fun, creativity, and communal resistance to corporatized education. REGARDLESS of your status – whether you are a current student at CSUF or any university at all, whether you are aware of the current budget crisis in california – this is the moment to stand in support of youth and energy which are necessarily opposed to the bleached-clean efficient machines of oppression.

    ALL ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE! You DON’T have to run anything by anyone, JUST SHOW UP and do your thing. Want to play music? Bring your gear. Want to hold a workshop? Write it on the schedule of events to be provided at the Becker Amphitheater meeting point during Furlough Fest. Want to do anything else? Well, no one told you that you couldn’t, so….go ahead. Keep in mind that this is an OCCUPATION of the campus, so if you want to camp with the rest of us then bring something to sleep in or make a friend and sleep in their tent. See you all there!!!!!!!

    YOU DECIDE YOUR OWN LEVEL OF INVOLVEMENT! Want to see something happen? Then make it happen!


    Outdoor Video Projections
    Communal Activities
    Camping on Campus
    ..and whatever else

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