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On October 24th, a state-wide conference is being held regarding budget cuts. Here is some information from the facebook event:

We have the power to stop the catastrophic budget cuts, fee hikes, and layoffs — but to save public education in California requires coordinating our actions on a state-wide level.

We invite all UC, CSU, CC, and K-12 students, workers, teachers, and their organizations across the state to participate in and collectively build the October 24 Mobilizing Conference to Save Public Education. The all-day conference will take place at UC Berkeley (contact us for more logistics).

The purpose of this conference is both simple and extremely urgent: to democratically decide on a state-wide action plan capable of winning this struggle, which will define the future of public education in this state, particularly for the working-class and communities of color.

Why UC Berkeley? On September 24, over 5,000 people massively protested and effectively paralyzed the UCB campus, as part of the UC-wide walkout. A mass General Assembly of over 400 individuals and dozens of organizations met that night and collectively decided to issue this call.

We ask all organizations and individuals in the state who want to save public education to endorse this open conference and help us collectively build it.

Also, if you’re interested, you should plug-in to some of the different organizations on campus working around the budget cuts. The following is an incomplete list of some UCSC organizations:

-the newUC ( – fighting corporatization, the budget cuts, and challenging the democratic structure of the university of california

-the Student of Color Collective (SOCC – – recognizing the importance of students of color and fighting the marginalization of their communities.

Coalition to Save Community Studies (CSCS) – an organization originally emerged to fight the budget cuts against the Community Studies department that threatened the closure of the department. The department is still under threat as more budget cuts loom on the horizon

Student Worker Action Group (SWAG) – a new organization formed to continue fighting budget cuts and to prepare for the upcoming convergence in Berkeley

Save the Student Voice (StSV – – an organization that formed over the summer of 2009 in light of the lay offs of three important directors in Student Affairs. Chiefly, StSV organized around the lay off the director of Student Media. The loss of the director of student media seriously threatens free speech through the elimination of staff already to cut to the bone. The layoffs were done without student input, a severe lack of transparency, and preemptively without substantiation.

Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC) – an organization originally founded by graduate students, however is an organization open to all!


3 Responses to “Plug in!”

  1. Student Resistance @ Cal State Fullerton Says:


    Students at Cal State Fullerton are organizing an occupation of CSUF during their school-wide mandatory furlough days, October 20-22. It is our desire to get as many people, regardless of their status as students at CSUF or any other university for that matter, to show their solidarity with us and students everywhere by attending the Furlough Fest. This is an open event: if you or anyone you know would like to do anything from a workshop to a dj set or anything else at all, then just do it! It needs no passage of approval. It would be convenient though if whoever is going to be involved could let us know so that we could include it on a schedule for those who are not comfortable without schedules (they are many at CSUF as we are, after all, behind enemy lines in Orange County…). The information is below, hope to see you and others involved!


    FURLOUGH FEST– October 20, 21 and 22

    12PM @ Becker Amphitheater (Near the TSU), Cal State Fullerton

    JUST IN TIME for this year’s furloughs, FURLOUGH FEST! In resistance to the statewide CSU budget cuts – and in solidarity with all other universities affected by budget cuts – CSUF will inadvertently host 3 days of fun, creativity, and communal resistance to corporatized education. REGARDLESS of your status – whether you are a current student at CSUF or any university at all, whether you are aware of the current budget crisis in california – this is the moment to stand in support of youth and energy which are necessarily opposed to the bleached-clean efficient machines of oppression.

    ALL ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE! You DON’T have to run anything by anyone, JUST SHOW UP and do your thing. Want to play music? Bring your gear. Want to hold a workshop? Write it on the schedule of events to be provided at the Becker Amphitheater meeting point during Furlough Fest. Want to do anything else? Well, no one told you that you couldn’t, so….go ahead. Keep in mind that this is an OCCUPATION of the campus, so if you want to camp with the rest of us then bring something to sleep in or make a friend and sleep in their tent. See you all there!!!!!!!

    YOU DECIDE YOUR OWN LEVEL OF INVOLVEMENT! Want to see something happen? Then make it happen!


    Below is a short and general list of the events/activities which have been planned thus far. Fill in the details as you confirm your own level of participation! A separate thread on the facebook group page (facebook search “the elephant in the room csuf” has been established for proposing a workshop/discussion group or ANYTHING else you’d like to do at FURLOUGH FEST. And another separate thread has been established to discuss Supplies Needs/Clean-Up Plans/Etc as we proceed. See you there!!


    The Coming Insurrection
    How to Run a Record Label
    Masturbation, DIY Sex Toys
    Ableton ABC’s
    Vegan Cooking (need help with this one…)
    Create Yr Own


    Political Discussions
    Budget-Cut Teach-in
    Create Yr Own


    Oct. 20th:

    Outdoor Film Screenings by
    Oct. 20th:
    tipsi troll vs. all magic
    auditory aphasia

    attn musicians/dj’s/video people – this is open to anyone, to anyone, to anyone, so please add yourself if you are playing with a day and general time in the proposals thread below.

    Hide and Seek
    Book Redistribution (Bring books to give away/trade)

    Vegan Potluck
    Bring yr Own

    A number of students will be camping out on campus for the duration of the furloughs. Please bring a tent and supplemental camping equipment to join, or crash someone else’s tent!




  2. a Says:

    This really doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    I feel like this is a great opportunity for any interest or momentum that’s built up to get co-opted and hijacked (though I’m sure those who are already against this kind of conference won’t be phased).

    It just seems logical that folks in their own respective areas, towns, cities, communities, regions, communes, etc know what’s best for their own respective area, town, city, community, region, commune, etc.

    I believe some level of coordination and networking is great and important (for ex. a UC-wide strike, an all university or public institution strike, etc etc) but as far as a state-wide action plan…really? That’s extreme.

    To me the magic of the occupation was that it wasn’t just about public education. It was more than that.

    I could be wrong. I still think it’s important that people go, I’m just really cautious about these types of conferences. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    – a

  3. spaceattack Says:

    we share your concerns.
    we intend to be the ones doing the hijacking here.
    well, that’s not exactly true. we just figure this conference will attract people who are pissed off but unaffiliated as well as rank and file members of the reformist dinosaur organizations who may be more inclined than our ‘leaders’ (student or otherwise) to hear what we have to say.
    sound better?
    see you there?

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