Santa Cruz General Assembly: (Let’s Make It) A Radical Discussion


Because our situation is still going to suck if we simply aim to reform

Weds, Oct. 21
Kresge Town Hall

Our universities are imploding into themselves, K-12 is dismally holding on, and there exist no jobs for students and graduates alike. Everywhere there are signs of decay, a decay that will defy mere reform.

In the midst of this transformation, there is a General Assembly that students, workers and student/workers are organizing that will aim to take action against the shitty financial situation that faces the UC.

Show up. Let’s radicalize this discussion so that radical actions may ensue. A reformist agenda will not suffice!


5 Responses to “Santa Cruz General Assembly: (Let’s Make It) A Radical Discussion”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I would like to get involved, but I keep having classes when you guys are having these meetings. I have stupid ass night classes every day… I will do my part and spread the word though.

  2. southern tour Says:

    with love from l.a.

  3. Friend Says:

    Yo – Can’t make it but trust me when i say there’s lots of non-student radicals in town who’re watching and supportive of what you’re doing. Also, be careful tomorrow night – you’re going to have pigs, bureaucrats, and informers all over cuz’ this is a public event – they’ll probably be taking pictures and notes on who’re the leaders, even if you insist there aren’t any, they’ll still be id’ing the best speakers and organizers.

  4. anon Says:

    So ask people not to take pics or take notes, and if you see anyone doing it, get the camera, take the card out and snap it, take their notes, take a pic of them, and tell them to get out and not come back. Tell people about this policy before anyone starts talking.

    You also might want to have a cellphone check-in, kind of like a coatroom with coat checks but with white noise or some other noise going on, or put them in a steel can or an equivalent Faraday cage kind of thing. cellphones can be used for surveillance even when “turned off”, so take the batteries out.

    Finally, don’t talk about illegal or potentially illegal stuff in a public forum with people you don’t know present. You + informant + overt act (usually supplied by informant) = conspiracy = felony = jail

  5. Walk With Fire Says:

    I agree with the last comment. Be careful.

    I will be there.

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