UC Occupations Southern Tour


Some comrades ‘associated’ with the occupations at UCSC and Berkeley are coming down to Southern California.  We will be answering questions about the occupations at meetings on the UCLA, UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton campuses. We want to share knowledge and make connections with folks interested in developing a movement of students, workers and student-workers against capitalism and its crisis. We want to form links of solidarity with those who recognize the bankruptcy of reformist measures which only preserve a social system that has foreclosed our futures. California is a state at war with its youth; we are youth at war with the state.

We are your friends; you’ll never be alone again.

Monday, October 19
Public Affairs, 3rd Floor Lounge

UC Irvine – meeting with Radical Student Union
Tuesday, October 20
Phoenix Patio Grill

CSU Fullerton ‘Furlough Fest’
Tuesday, October 20
Becker Amphitheatre




One Response to “UC Occupations Southern Tour”

  1. RSU Says:

    The UCI meeting will tentatively be at the Phoenix Grill patio at 1pm.

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