UC Strike


The Solidarity Alliance of UCB and Student Worker Action Team (SWAT) at UCB has a called for a 3 day strike in the UC starting November 18th (during the UC Regents meeting). They have also compiled an online petition available here. The following text is taken from that website:

We demand that the Regents vote no on the proposed fee increases.

We demand that the UC stop cuts and layoffs, and end its aggressive union-busting tactics.

We demand transparency of the UC budget, including complete figures on how much of the additional revenue from fees will be diverted for construction and used as bond collateral.

We demand that the Regents expand enrollment of underrepresented groups and ensure equal access to education for all by maintaining all educational institutions as sanctuary spaces for undocumented students and workers and by providing adequate financial aid for undocumented and underrepresented students.

We demand an explanation for the failure of the UC leadership to make an effective case for public higher education. As both students and taxpayers, we demand leaders who can make that case, and an administration whose transparency can once again inspire the confidence of the state and its citizens.


5 Responses to “UC Strike”

  1. anon Says:

    and WE demand that the strike continue indefinitely and ramify into the communization of society.

  2. Nov Regent meeting Says:

    is anyone coming down to UCLA?

  3. Brian Gallagher Says:

    Hello Occupy California,

    My name is Brian Gallagher. I am a recent graduate of SFSU, class of ’09. I support the idea of what you are doing and really do wish I had more time to sit down and help.

    But, in the mean time, I wanted to send this to you. I see above that your third demand states the following:

    “We demand transparency of the UC budget, including complete figures on how much of the additional revenue from fees will be diverted for construction and used as bond collateral.”

    If the University will not provide the numbers and be accountable, then I have a few suggestions for you.

    #1. Have you visited the Office of Public Records?

    If not, there website and all posted information is available at:


    This website indicates the office locations, individuals responsible for handling requests and even lists every individual responsible for requests from every UC school. Definantly a good thing to pass to other UC friends you might have.

    #2. If you need assistance in either drafting a California Public Records Act request or following up with a request, I would be more than willing to assist in any way I can.

    Thank you for your time and attention. I hope to hear from you in the near future.

    Thanks again,

    Brian Gallagher

  4. Jasper Bernes Says:

    Just a quick point of clarification: the letter up at ucstrike.com was not written by the Solidarity Alliance. It calls for a strike of indeterminate length (a strike until satisfaction of demands, in other words) whereas the Solidarity Alliance has called for a defined-length strike (3 days). . .

    • Brian Gallagher Says:

      Jasper Bernes,

      Thank you for the clarification but why would you post that on-line for everyone to see, i.e. UC administration. Doesn’t it weaken the collective position of student groups when such information is made public?

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