UCOP to eliminate student fees!


what a wonderful farce.

While The Regents and UCOP took the time last week to finally read what UC students, faculty and all ten Chancellors actually wrote and said, one of The Regents opined during a party after the September 1, 2009 confirmation of the OHH (Operation Hard Hammer) had passed, “Who can hear anything the faculty and students say with so much champagne popping?” – but as I have reported to you, they feel bad about the whole scam, me too, I really do not like UC people wearing T-Shirts saying ‘I’ve been Yudoffed!’ – so The Regents and UCOP are going to establish $0 Tuition Program by using all the funds we put aside for raining days under my desk and the funds we have with our friends over at Bank of NY Mellon Trust, we will stop all our financial and real estate speculation, and instead focus on developing a free education model and an open research matrix for the social benefit of people of California.

Also, if you haven’t already, sign this *petition* and if you have spacebook join this *group*.


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