Talk Like That


They say we walk the streets chanting with no souls
They say we give birth to empty vessels.
They say we speak with no voice.
They say we act before we see.
They say we have no eyes.
They say we don’t believe, but drown in the sorrows of this world.
They say many things.
Yet their voices quiver in the wind.

But today we listened.
Not to them,
But to a voice.
A voice that emerged from within, and caused all but the truth to blink,
A voice that caused our ears to ring,
Our hearts to sing,
And our minds to be free.
Today we broke free from their curse.
Today we took our first breath, and were born
In unison.
We share a bond that cannot be solely expressed through physical touch,
but through a united expression, that can shake the very ground beneath us.
Causing years old barriers to collapse at their feet.

As one after the other, we thrust our thumbs upwards
Towards the moon; overflowing with illuminating spirit,
Vibrating the room with fury and passion,
and encompassing around their dark, murky shadows.
We crushed their hopes for domination.

Today we sang a call of war.

Tomorrow we shall fight.
Tomorrow we will unleash that voice and show the world who is truly living without souls.
Tomorrow will be ours.

-a library occupant


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