CSU Fresno Plans Another Action!


from indybay:

Friday, November 20
4 p.m.
CSUF students will takeover the library to protest budget cutbacks. Here is what an email from participating students said:

The library closes on Fridays at 5PM and it is closed all day on Saturdays which leaves students with no place to study on Friday nights or all day on Saturdays. We see this as merely part of a much bigger problem at our University, but nevertheless it is a big problem because we paid for the library and we are being limited to accessing it. On friday the 20th, students are gathering on the second floor of the library at 4-4:30 to begin a study-in. As i said, the library close at 5, but we do not intend on leaving and plan on engaging in a non-violent, peaceful demonstration to “study-in” for the night. We are part of a statewide movement of students that are working to bring about a more democratic University and save it from the inevitable future that privatization of education brings: an education system only available to elites which leaves lower, working and middle class people excluded. The “Master Plan” of 1960, which said education should be free to all California students is being washed away by privatization. The week of Nov 15-20 is a week of action known as International Education Week. I wanted to inform you of this because i know that you have been active in the Fresno community for years and have been very successful at organizing around social justice issues here in Fresno. We as students need support from our community and community leaders. We hope that you will support us any way that you can. We would love to have supporters outside, or inside, so the administration knows that we are not alone and that they cannot silence us. If at all possible, please send this info to any other community members/organizers that you are in contact with because we need all the support we can get.


3 Responses to “CSU Fresno Plans Another Action!”

  1. Goldrush Says:

    Good work, CSUF. Extended library hours are worth the fight. A library is just a building if it’s not open to students for studying around the clock.

  2. CraigA Says:

    You students haven’t paid for the library, your parents did. That is if they live and pay taxes in California. There have been many articles in recent months about the rising costs of a college education in America, but not one word about what those costs are. Look to bloated administrations, low productivity, Cadilac/RollsRoyce benfits as the probable culprits. The regents should be looking to increased efficienties and cost cutting before increasing student fees.

  3. Lance Swofford Says:

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