Solidarity with NYC Marchers


On November 19th, people in support of the University of California occupations marched in solidarity. During the night, the police beat some of the marchers.

Dear NYC Marchers,

we here are speechless at the despicable actions of the NYC police. We send our solidarity to all that have been brutalized by the police in this struggle. As we continue fighting we will face the state’s escalating violence. We must band together in solidarity to support all those comrades who will inevitably fall victim to capitalism’s last defensive stand. We cannot express how much we appreciate you standing in solidarity. As occupations and other radical actions are spreading around the world, we know that our struggle will contribute to revealing capitalism, the state, and all others forms of oppression as the shit that it is. From Greece to the UK, from Vienna to Heidelburg, from Santa Cruz to New York, we want fucking everything! Most of all, we want justice!

fuck the pigs.

an autonomous committee inside UC Santa Cruz Occupied Kerr Hall

3 Responses to “Solidarity with NYC Marchers”

  1. reoccupied Says:

    Photos from the march here:

    fuck yeah uc!!!! make them bleed

  2. Two Days After the Regents’ Vote, UC Fee Protests Go On « Student Activism Says:

    […] 12:00 pm | Students in Vienna, Austria report (Google translation) that they are demonstrating in front of the US embassy in that city at this hour, condemning the police violence associated with this week’s California student protests. Also, two students were arrested in New York City the night before last during the course of a roving march in support of the California protesters. […]

  3. Fortuna Faveat | Footage: NYPD brutalize UC solidarity marchers with batons Says:

    […] police beat some of the marchers. The following response to this brutal police action is posted at Occupy California along with this video: Dear NYC […]

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