Dave Kliger thinks you’re an idiot


Executive vice chancellor Dave Kliger has been delegated the unfortunate task of serving as the administration’s propaganda mouthpiece on student and worker resistance. With the clickof a button he can email every single “@ucsc.edu” account and has done so repeatedly in the past two months of strikes, occupations and widespread organizing against the budget cuts, firings, and fee and rent hikes. And every single time, he’s lied to us, as if we were too stupid to notice and to communicate about it. A brief recap of this spam artist’s clumsy fabrications:

1. After the GSC occupation, Kliger claimed that participants had done over $64,000 damage to the building. This unbelievably ridiculous claim has been thoroughly debunked on this website and elsewhere and since then has evidently been considered too much of an embarassment to bear repeating.

2. In fact, in his very next email (after the Humanities occupation), Kliger made the much more conservative statement that damage costs “could run into the thousands of dollars” – still, really, a broken table leg and a little paint? Puh-leeze. Once again he shows what’s important to the admin: money and property, not the well-being of students.

This next becomes painfully obvious with the next lie, meant to cover up the vicious and cowardly behavior of police who attacked students outside Humanities on Oct. 15. Despite the many eye witnesses and the video evidence clearly showing that police began yelling and macing almost simultaneously, without warning the students or telling them to do or not do anything whatsoever, Kliger claimed the officers warned students “repeatedly.”

Perhaps this was based on the police reports which in this case were obviously fraudulent. The DA is using them to criminally charge two students, one of them with assaulting an officer even though, again, this didn’t happen and everyone knows it.

3. In his first email on the Kerr Hall occupation, K. claims that the library study-in “denied services” to students. It’s hard to know what to say about such a striking example of Orwellian doublespeak, except that it’s another example of how these bureaucrats will say anything, no matter how absurd, to manipulate people. They know our movement is gathering force and don’t know what else to do about it. Which brings us to…

4. Today, K. emails us to say that an “agreement” had been reached between the administration and the occupation that it would not be barricaded, and that the occupants had breached said agreement. Here’s the real story: one student took it upon themselves to “negoiate” with Alma Sifuentes and they agreed verbally that as long as the front door remained unlocked cops would not be called overnight. Let’s be real, they weren’t going to call the cops anyway -they would rather let us get tired and go home over the weekend; Kliger had already announced last night that Kerr would be closed today. At any rate Alma refused to make the agreement in writing or even via email, showing that this was simply another bad faith farce to manipulate students.

Regardless if there had been some misunderstanding about the content of this totally sketchy “agreement,” it was an agreement made by one person only. The mass of occupants did not and would not have consensed on removing all barricades especially in the light of the violence unleashed yesterday by UC police in LA, Berkeley and Davis – who broke bones, electrocuted people with tasers and used pepper spray and batons extensively – as well as the behavior of cops here (and, let’s face it, everywhere). Trust Alma and the police? We’d sooner trust Dave Kliger.

We invite all community members to come to the liberated spaces of Kresge and Kerr Town Hall to join our project of developing self organized forms of struggle. In fits and starts, in general assemblies and in storming office buildings, we are realizing the possibility of collective power. Into the dumpster of history with these fucking clowns who rule us with deceit and brutality!


One Response to “Dave Kliger thinks you’re an idiot”

  1. K Says:

    I was there- we voted on the agreement with Alma. Almost everyone raised their hands to agree.

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