Missense Costs


University officials and spokespeople, saliently Jim Burns and EVC David S. Kliger, again today refer to the idea that building occupations and sit-ins are costing the university money, to the tune of thousands of dollars.  It should be pointed out that the money woes facing the university are not on the level of thousands of dollars, but the level of 10s, 100s, and systemwide, 1000s of millions of dollars.    UC spokespeople seem to be manufacturing a non-existent problem.   If the money problems facing the university were at the level of thousands of dollars, administration pay reduction could in fact rectify any budget problems, or costs associated with protests.  We are faculty, students, and workers and we still don’t know the most basic budget figures with respect to the UC system, because they haven’t been disclosed to us. We feel the real budget cuts everyday, not these faceless numbers. The crisis isn’t the regents; we are the crisis.

the autonomous orange committee, occupied Kerr Hall


One Response to “Missense Costs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What does missense mean?

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