Solidarity statement from Vienna


Dear colleagues, combatants and, fortunately, friends in Santa Cruz and in California!

Strike signifies the refusal of work.
In our case it means an enormous intensity of labour. For weeks people have been organizing, coordinating, communicating, writing, filming, photographing, cooking, doing media work and much more. We’re all re*learning to formulate demands, utopias, systems and structures, formulate things really as we want them to be, radically and without compromises. We don’t only re*claim our right to stand up and demand, but we re*claim the freedom of thinking, taking action and not only dreaming about changes but to change our everyday life practice. There are worldwide networks, liaisons and friendships being established.

The students and teachers at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (or, as we like to call it: Academy of Refusal) want to emphasize that WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS and we stand in solidarity with you!
Now is the time to stand up, revolt, demand and formulate utopias (and what else could we ever demand)! We all begin to notice that we’re no longer alone with our discontent, the number of occupied universities grows daily, people can’t wait to join the protests!


Hugs and kisses of solidarity,

Forever yours

Academy of Refusal


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