Solidarity with Fresno State



While we at the UC have been upset over the Regents’ decision to pass the 32% fee increase, and busy with actions on this campus, we haven’t forgotten our comrades at the CSU, whose board of trustees also met this week.

The students at CSU Fresno have taken over their library and are studying and meeting furiously. We salute our Cal State brethren, and particularly the students at CSU Fresno, who have put forth repeated action against the cuts to our education system. The state of California has been systematically cutting its support to education across the board, and we know that all educational institutions in this state are being devalued. Over the last 20 years, the state’s support of higher education has declined precipitously, not just in terms of real dollars, but also as a percentage of the state budget. We receive a smaller and smaller portion of a shrinking pie.

The term of complacency is at an end. Across this state and across the globe, students are fighting for their education. In California this is a particularly pitched battle, in a state whose 1960 Master Plan for Education guaranteed that no student seeking higher education in this state would be put off by financial barriers. We on the campuses that are fighting back applaud CSU Fresno in their contributions to the fight. And we call on all campuses to join.

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