Statement from the Kerr Hall Occupation


Yesterday, we occupied Kerr Hall. But we were not the only ones to occupy. A movement is building across California. In the past two days, there were occupations at Davis, Berkeley, UCSC, UCLA, and SF State. Students are planning a library sit-in at CSU Fresno for later this afternoon. Students at Napa Valley College are already camping out on their quad. We need to accept this increasingly obvious truth: if we all did what we are doing here — if we had not hundreds but thousands and tens of thousands, then suddenly, our demands would become reality.

We ask for a free education. People say, that’s impossible. But throughout the world, higher education is free. It is free in countries that are much less wealthy than we are. It used to be free here in the US, too. It remains free in other countries because, whenever the administration or the state tries to raise tuition, students occupy. In 1999, at the National Autonomous University of Mexico — the largest university in Latin America — students took over their school for ten months to prevent a fee increase, which would have drastically reduced admissions among the working-class. Across Europe, around 30 universities have been occupied in the past few weeks, fighting the same struggle we are. In fact, they are fighting against attempts to “Americanize” their universities.

People say, well, they have a different “culture” there. We are creating that culture, right here, right now. This doesn’t stop with the 15 occupations and sit-ins that have occurred in California since September 24th. Let’s take over the all the universities. Let’s MAKE education free.


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