Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley occupied


Here is a short statement from the occupiers.

Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley occupied this morning after unsuccessful occupation of Capital Projects yesterday. Police entered building at 6 am, pepper-spraying and beating occupiers. Most of the people remain barricaded on 2nd floor, holding strong. Police are threatening to use tear-gas. Close to 50 police in riot gear inside the building beating on the door. . .

This is what happens when one threatens the rule of property, making visible the nightsticks and pepper-spray which undergird everyday life. Get down here and help hold the building. Everything belongs to everyone.

And so it spreads. . .

Check out their website at:


One Response to “Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley occupied”

  1. Student Occupation of Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall is Fifth in Two Days at UC « Student Activism Says:

    […] hundred” students are gathered in front of Wheeler Hall to support the occupation. Also, a new statement from the occupiers is now online. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Was the UCSC […]

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