Solidarity statement from random citizen!


This is warming, quite necessary after a long November night waiting for police in Northern California:

Just wanted to send a word of support from Atlanta, GA. I am not a student, in fact I am a 49 year old sales manager but, I do have a 2 year old son and I appreciate what you guys are doing so that my son and others may have educational opportunities. Most countries, including many so called third world countries offer free college education for their citizens. Its disgusting how we force our young people to take on huge debt in order to get an education. my wife is 36 and still has many years to go before her student loans are paid. Good luck!

One Response to “Solidarity statement from random citizen!”

  1. Deb McCurdy Says:

    Futures are at stake . . . thank you for standing up for public education! From Elementary schools to Universities — quality education is a right.

    Parents and elementary school students in South Pasadena sent this video postcard to Governor Schwarzenegger imploring him to fix education funding.

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