Update: Students’ Belongings Seized at Kerr Hall


This is the most recent thing we’ve heard from the administration, after their meeting this afternoon, about the belongings that were left around the Kerr Hall area when students were forced away from the building by police. Several students and a supportive faculty member attempted to get the university to agree to release those belongings, but that didn’t work. Instead those things are going to be held either by the UC police or the Santa Cruz police; it’s not clear which. One of the concerns now is that if/when those items are released students will have to show ID to get them.

Another note: we contacted administration with the list of students who were volunteering to aid with the cleanup of Kerr Hall. The admin doesn’t want students anywhere near the building, and rejected the offer.

More when we know it.


3 Responses to “Update: Students’ Belongings Seized at Kerr Hall”

  1. Pou Says:

    I went back around 3pm to get my belongings left behind. The police (no surprise) were rude and told me that I would have to contact the Santa Barbara Police Department in order to receive my stuff. They then took down my first and last name and DOB. Dumb mistake, this i know, but why would they direct me to SB Police? Im so livid!!!

  2. PS Says:

    We were promised today at a general assembly that Felicia McGinty would assist the police in bringing our belongings to to either Kresge Town Hall or to another central location. We were also informed that there would be no repercussions for the retrieval of our belongings.

  3. Pou Says:

    thanks! Ill check back at kresge tonight.

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