solidarity after the eviction of UCSC from the academy of fine arts vienna


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  1. laozi Says:

    fucking amazing

  2. spaceattack Says:


  3. spaceattack Says:

    for those who can’t listen, a transcript… you’ll have to just imagine their incredibly sexy accents though.

    Dear friends, allies, and combatants in Santa Cruz:


    We are shocked, pissed, disbelieving, and more than ever motivated to continue our occupation by the end of the occupation by hearing about the end of the occupation at the UCSC. Is there any now than a simple, “FUCK THE POLICE”?

    Well, there is. What you have been doing is a great statement against the society and the structures that are, essentially, excluding everything except the economics of capital. You, and also we, are reclaiming life in its basic social structures, and to end an occupation can never hinder the movements of minds.

    For this reason, we don’t doubt that there will be actions following this occupation. We refuse to give the assholes back what is ours. There is no way to destroy utopias. We want to emphasize that it’s impossible to demolish the worldwide networks that have already been established and in which you are still established by throwing 70 people out of a public space. This is ridiculous. But as we all know, the structures behind this are neither ridiculous nor ignorable, and are worth fighting against. We seek to push the university struggle to its limits!

    As the Academy of Refusal stands in solidarity with all occupiers and related persons, we offer help as far as possible, including financial help.

    Reclaim your education!
    Reclaim your body!
    Reclaim time and space!
    Reclaim your life!

    No border, no nation, no police station!
    No nation of border! Fight law and order!

    In solidarity,
    Academy of Refusal!

  4. spaceattack Says:

    whoops some typos. see here:

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