Solidarity letter from UCSC staff


Hi everyone,
I’m a staff member who is deeply involved in my union and effected by the recent occupation. I would like to share with you what happened in my office yesterday. Although no protesters showed up, my office was told to shut down and the staff were sent home. The fear was that students would come occupy the office and the administration chose to shut it down to prevent any problems that might cause. You say that the strikes don’t have an effect on the operation of the university? I disagree.

While I can’t advocate illegal activities on campus for fear of retribution(livelihood and all that), I want to point out that people went home with pay. This is not the sort of thing that creates animosity between staff and students. If people are occupying buildings in a peaceful, non-destructive way, in one-day sit-ins that target a different location each day and leave at the close of
business for example, that might be better than occupying the Grad Student Commons or camping out, causing confrontations.

What kind of long-term effects do waves of sit-in protests have on tuition, funding, and priorities at UCSC (and UC generally)? I don’t think that anyone knows the answer, but we hear you, your voices are coming through in person and in print.
In solidarity,


One Response to “Solidarity letter from UCSC staff”

  1. Michael Says:

    I’m a union organizer and I just want to give my support to you all. Solidarity!

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