UCOP occupied by 100 people


In protest of police violence on November 20th at UC Berkeley during the Wheeler Hall occupation, 150 people have occupied the lobby of UC headquarters in downtown Oakland. Riot cops are inside the building with protesters but things are calm so far.

If you can support, please come to 12th and Franklin Streets in downtown Oakland!

see indybay.org for updates as events unfold…

Update: ended at 6pm, no arrests


3 Responses to “UCOP occupied by 100 people”

  1. spaceattack Says:

    San Jose Mercury editorializes in support of Kerr Hall occupation! Albeit in sort of a weird liberal way, but they’re right that our goals are important and realistic, and that we didn’t damage the building NEARLY as much as student actions in the 60s and 70s. However some of us do like to see ourselves as a harbinger of some sort of renewal of cycles of youth struggle!


  2. Another Day, Another UC Occupation « Student Activism Says:

    […] little before three o’clock this afternoon, a crowd of more than a hundred students estimated entered the lobby of the offices of UC president Mark Yudof in Oakland, asking to speak […]

  3. Occupier Says:

    I was at UCOP yesterday, and this was NOT an occupation. The COPS were the ones who locked the doors, not us. I’m not opposed to occupations — I’ve been involved in three in the past week — but this was definitely a sit-in at the very most. No laws were broken.

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