A response to UCSC’s claims of damage to Kerr


Dear EVC Kliger,

Your “assessment” of the state of Kerr Hall is laughable. The claim that it will be unable to open on Monday is patently exaggerated.

With a few exceptions, the Administration’s own photographs of the “damage” show little more than some leftover food and a bunch of paper products in need of recycling. Perhaps you have never engaged in this type of manual labor; however, as someone who funded portions of his earlier education by working for a janitorial service, I can assure you that the cleanup at this site would take a small crew no more than one or two hours. It would be quick and easy work indeed, considering that a large number of sympathetic students have volunteered to do the cleanup themselves (thus taking the pressure off of UCSC janitors who, we should note, cannot possibly provide their traditional level of outstanding service to the rest of the campus thanks to the deep cuts imposed by your administration).

As for the rest of the “damage”:
–two strong people will be necessary to upright the overturned refrigerator. Should I drop by with a friend?
–a closer examination of the photograph of the “ripped out” teleconference equipment reveals that it was merely disconnected. I’m sure there are any number of student volunteers who would be willing to plug it back in. Even I could probably do that–especially if you still have the manual.
–a collection can be taken up at the next General Assembly for replacement cost of the broken table. Or alternately, I wonder if there may be an underutilized table somewhere else on campus–I could post a few flyers or check craigslist.

Of course, I recognize that your earlier message is an attempt to engage in a certain type of “spin.” But has it occurred to you that emails of this type are one of the primary reasons for the widespread distrust of you and the UCSC Administration among students, faculty, and staff?

Brian Malone


3 Responses to “A response to UCSC’s claims of damage to Kerr”

  1. KO Says:

    Well said, Brian. Thank you.

  2. Paul Says:


  3. you are Says:

    a badass, Brian

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