Map of Student Activism (US & Puerto Rico)

by has compiled this map of student actions so far in the 09-10 academic year (albeit a bit incomplete).

Included is a link about an 11 campus shutdown forced on students in Puerto Rico and severe budget cuts there. Here is an article (dated: october 17) from the WSWS:

Thursday’s mass turnout came in the face of increasing threats and intimidation from the Fortuño government. The Monday before the strike, the 11 campuses of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) were suddenly shut down for the week and occupied by state police. It was reported that the action was taken on the advice of the local office of the FBI on the pretext of assuring the “security” of the students. The shutdown came just as students at a number of the campuses were to hold general assemblies for the purpose of taking votes on joining the strike.

And, in the week leading up to the strike, officials in Puerto Rico’s colonial government threatened that workers who participated in the general strike could be charged with acts of terrorism if they interfered with the movement of goods and passengers at the island’s airports and docks. (read more)


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