the Game has begun.


Some friends have posted a call for contagious and competitive occupation –

take what is ours, because everything is ours

Here is a shout out to fellow west coast conspirators
for some good ol’ fashion insurrection!
Its a time of crisis,
but it sure don’t look like one yet!

So get going and bring it on,
because we are the crisis!
This is a call for a competitive occupation
to get things started:
this will be called the Game.
And this game never fucking ends!

– from The Imaginary Committee

Download the instructions here.

A useful reference – occupation: a do-it-yourself guide can be downloaded here

It’s time to get started.


6 Responses to “the Game has begun.”

  1. yes Says:

    haha i like this.

  2. Frezknow Says:

    In response to your assertion that “it” doesn’t look like a crisis yet, I’d like to offer the proposal that you are not looking in the right direction. This only leads me to believe that you have either 1. been misinformed about the economic state of communities in the Central Valley of California 2. are unaware of the debilitating effects that poverty has on people’s access to higher education, thus preventing many poor from using the privilege levied by admission to the university as a spring board for resistance against… 3. refuse to acknowledge how it is that people have been struggling against economic crisis-ology in public sectors other than higher education while at the same time implicating the University system as a constituent of a social movement that radicalizes socio-economic structures (i.e. Free Skool, Breakfast programs [as popularized by Black Panthers], etc). Please check yourself. Respectfully,

  3. anonymoose Says:

    campuses are going to get interesting next semester

  4. napa1 Says:

    Is it possible to have our video footage from Napa Valley College put up here?
    We put up a small but growing tent city. We had a rally on Monday Nov 30.

  5. napa1 Says:

    The link to video is

  6. ucrebel2 Says:

    If they want to address us as children… let´s play a game they won´t forget.

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