UCB Live Week Arrested


BERKELEY – Students were arrested in the early morning Friday at occupied Wheeler Hall.

CONCERT is still on for tonight! Come out!

UPDATES below:

around 8am, arrested occupiers

1:00pm: Some occupiers have been released. 15 occupiers are still being held, some for a $25,000 bail.

1:05pm: UCB press spokesman, Dan [Magulof], is speaking protesters about the arrests.

UCB Spokesperson, Dan Magulof

Dan Mogulof, Face of UC PR, says “Chancellor approved arrests. Issue was hip hop concert flyer saying ‘Party until cops kick the doors down.’ And keeping order on campus during finals week.”

2:43 pm: Santa Rita update:76 total arrested. 7 have been released. For the moment only charged with trespassing. All released by 3pm

4:00pm: At the University’s request every one of those arrested who did not have outstanding warrants or other criminal issues(64 of 66 arrested) are now being cited and released.The bail requirement has been dropped. As a result only two people will remain and/or need to post bail.  Dan Moguluf said: “your questions and comments played a role in this outcome.”

One Response to “UCB Live Week Arrested”

  1. a Says:

    this shows the university is at war with it’s students.

    it only wants you to learn when you are paying for it. it won’t allow knowledge of the tuition increases and budget cuts and discussion about it to happen.

    this was the move of a dictatorship and should be seen and responded to for what it is.

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