the UC/CSU 222


CALIFORNIA – Since at least October 15, 2009, 221 protesters/occupiers have been arrested around fighting budget cuts and tuition increases at the University of California & California State University systems (and another 1 charged, but was never arrested. A total of 222 facing legal charges).

Oct.15 – 1 arrested and another charged at UCSC

Nov.18 – 14 arrested at UCLA

Nov.19 – 52 arrested at UCD, 2 more arrests at UCLA

Nov.20 – 44 arrested at UCB

Nov.24 – 1 student arrested at UCI

Dec.10 – 33 arrested at SF State University.

Dec.11 – 66 arrested in the morning at UCB. Another 8 arrested that evening at UCB

(some of this is sourced from See our timeline for more information on the arrests. Please comment for corrections.

3 Responses to “the UC/CSU 222”

  1. anticapitalprojects Says:

    Also 1 arrest at Berkeley, Nov. 18th. . .

  2. Josh Says:

    Not to be a complete ass, but there is some unknown amount of crossover between the arrests. In other words, some people have been arrested two, even three times, out of that 222.

    For example, at least a handful of the Wheeler 40 became part of the Wheeler 66.

    • k7cycas Says:

      as always josh, accurate… but, whatever :). The point isn’t that they’re different people each time (figuring that out is out of my hands). The point is that the university system has arrested people 221 times just for not taking cuts silently. Anyways, you kick ass.

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