Occupy Chicago


CHICAGO, IL – The lowercase collective, squatting in a building in Chicago, is in danger of eviction.

from their facebook page:

The lowercase collective is a collectively run urban homestead located on the western edge of Logan Square. For the past two and a half years, it has hosted many organizational meetings, benefits, and activist events. lowercase has had a constant commitment to providing traveling folk and non-traveling folk alike a place to sleep and food to eat. It has a zero-tolerance antidiscrimination policy, and does its best to maintain a safe space – antiracist, antisexist, pro-queer, pro-trans, (etc.) . lowercase is home to a plethora of projects, and has a commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting self-sustainability.
Unfortunately, capitalism is fighting against the lowercase collective. The recession has hit residents all over the U.S. hard, foreclosures becoming a fact of life, and lowercase is no exception. This collective house may face eviction in the coming months, and its members need all the support they can get to keep it running.

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