ABOLISH PRISONS; LIBERATE EDUCATION: anti-repression demo 1/26


“Behind the privatization of the university, a line of riot police”

We are excited to call for a spirited demonstration against repression: specifically, the punishment faced by student activists around California for demonstrating and occupying against the forcing of the capitalist crisis onto the education system; and the recent proposal by the Governator to fix the education crisis by taking funds away from the prison system.

Meet at Quarry Plaza at 11am
Tuesday January 26


Flyer: https://occupyca.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/jan26f.pdf
Poster: https://occupyca.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/jan26_1.pdf
The governor promises more money for education and admits that campus protests were “the tipping point”—but where is the money to come from? California’s prisons, most of which are operating at over 200% of designed capacity. In August, a panel of three federal judges ordered the state of California to release 43,000 inmates due to the lack of medical care and other conditions creating an “immediate [risk of] death and harm.” The state government’s reponse? They are appealing the decision.

Meanwhile, scores of the same student activists who the governor has been forced to acknowledge—showing that disruptive protest and direct action get results—are facing legal charges and academic sanctions related to protests and occupations around the state. Some of our friends now are banned from their school except to attend class, under threat of arrest—including those who work on campus! Others have been fined hundreds of dollars for alleged damages the school cannot (and does not have to) prove. This is completely unacceptable.

The educational system as it exists now is an instrument of repression. Only through grassroots struggle and collective power can it be transformed into a truly liberating space. We will not allow our interests to be pitted against the health care of prisoners, most of whom are in on non-violent drug offenses. How about ending the racist drug war, repealing “three strikes,” and letting the working-class captives go home to their families and communities? How about alleviating the crisis in housing, education, and employment rather than strengthening the system of punishment?

And how about letting our friends get back on campus and into the struggle where they are needed?

The state must drop its appeal, release the prisoners, and improve prison health care.

UCSC, UC Berkeley, Santa Cruz County, San Francisco, and SF State must drop all charges, fines, suspensions, and other punishments against politically active students.

The fee hikes, budget cuts, and firings still must be rolled back, and all construction projects must stop.

We must continue to resist attacks on our future and on the working classes.

We must gather and struggle against the society of punishment, for a community of solidarity and liberation.

2 Responses to “ABOLISH PRISONS; LIBERATE EDUCATION: anti-repression demo 1/26”

  1. Wendy Snyder Says:

    We in the Uhuru Solidarity Movement support the efforts of students to challenge the budget cuts and to transform the educational system.

    We are looking for students who would like to participate in the Africa’s Resources in African Hands and the Week of Action to Stop Obama’s Colonial Wars Here and Abroad.

    Our meetings are on Tuesdays in Oakland but we can also travel to Santa Cruz to your meetings.

    You can get in touch with us at oakland@uhurusolidarity.org and the above web site.
    Uhuru means freedom!
    We are building solidarity with the people of Haiti and African people everywhere to control of their land and resources.

  2. This Week « Says:

    […] By cycas_Revoluta January 26 – Anti-repression rally at UC Santa Cruz – 11am – Quarry Plaza, UC Santa […]

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