Cops Bust Benefit Dance Party


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Early on Sunday, January 31st, police busted an occupation arrestee benefit party. Reports from on the ground state that police provided no dispersal warning before arresting people. 11 people have been arrested, some charged with felonies and misdemeanors. The police used excessive force and injured several people, one resulting in a head injury. One observer noted that the police used racial slurs and beat an individual already on the ground.

A crowd had gathered at the District Attorney's office/County Jail at 850 Bryant St. earlier.

More updates to follow.

3:50am: 1 person detained and released. No charges filed.

6:21am: 7 released in total, 2 with no charges, rest with misdemeanors. 2 people are being held for the night. 2 remain in custody until Monday.

more at Golden Gate [X]press

11 Responses to “Cops Bust Benefit Dance Party”

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  2. andyfolk Says:

    sounds familiar…

  3. Earl U Says:


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  5. Sam Says:

    Throwing fireworks that night, is the same as crying fire in a crowded theater; it raised the panic level, it raised the chances of someone getting hurt. I’m am so happy I am reading about a couple of people spending the night in jail, instead of reading about a dead college student. Because that is exactly what could have happened; someone killed over escalating tension.

    There was a powder keg on 7th street Saturday night, and I am soooo happy those m-80s or fireworks or whatever they were didn’t ignite a hail of bullets. And the fact that no first hand account of police tear canisters or rubber bullets has been seen, confirms my account of what I saw, that a party go-er(s) lit the fuse and the SFPD were just delicate enough to defuse the bomb.

    Street cred: I live on 7th street on the same block and I never even knew there was a party going on in the gallery/warehouse spot Saturday night until it spilled into the street…and maybe that is the fault of the SFPD. And maybe they were serving alcohol and they didn’t have a permit, maybe the gallery/warehouse was violating their business license, maybe another tenet of the building narc’d them out, maybe they were over their occupancy number…..these are all real life problems that we have to deal with otherwise the party gets shut down. But the aftermath? A total embarrassment…once again, being an SFSU alumni only brings me shame.

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    […] from the Party By cycas_Revoluta A brief comment posted from someone that was present at the benefit party: Last night a peaceful party to raise funds for arrested students was attacked by the police and […]

  7. lama lama Says:

    “I was at the event last night that ended in 11 violent and unlawful arrests by police.This was a peaceful party with some fun dancing and mellow socializing, and a number of folks discussing upcoming March 4 actions.

    The fact is that the police arrived in force, with no apparent provocation, and blocked the exits of the venue. Along with many others who had come to enjoy the social occasion, I tried to leave when the police showed up and was not allowed to. When I asked why we were not allowed to leave the police told us they were “investigating”. I told them it was illegal to detain us. In the meantime, undercover cops on the inside provoked people by grabbing the videos and cellphones of those who were taking pictures and throwing them against the wall.

    The police then escalated the situation by using excessive force to arrest one of the young men at the party, provoking many of us, appalled, to yell at them to stop.

    What followed was a melee of cops throwing kids down on the ground, sometimes three to a youngster, while the rest of us, in utter amazement, yelled at the police that this was unlawful and unnecessary. The cops, by now backed up by dozens of cop cars, lunged at the crowd of youngsters and picked out their prey. They eventually allowed the rest of us to leave. A crowd of 40 people then went to 850 Bryant Street, where the arrestees had been taken. Despite police threats to “arrest all of the kids who were in the lobby if they didn’t disperse”, the group stayed until dawn, when most of the arrestees were released.”

  8. lama lama Says:

    not my own account, but from someone who was there.

    in reply to the comment in all caps above: i heard the little firecrackers, which were loud but not much else. there was some sense that the person who threw them was unrelated to the events, that is, that it was just some passerby.

    in any case, it was juvenile that they were used, and did not reflect the general sentiment of the people who were there, most of whom were just pissed off that the cops came in, detained everyone, and started arresting people at random.

    the police are not your friends. these assholes also beat people up in jail before releasing them. crazy bullshit.

  9. girl Says:

    M-80s are not “explosives” they are fireworks.

    you are right, though, war has been declared. it was declared a long time ago by the police against people like these fine young party goers, who weren’t harming anyone when the police decided to initiate a battle in that war and attack them with swinging fists, clubs, stomping boots, handcuffs, and tazers.

    there has always been a war going on Earl, glad you finally noticed!

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