Dance in Irvine


IRVINE, CA – Even though we just finished our midterms, finals are just a few weeks away.
We’re paying even more for even less, and our only motivation to finish this year is the unemployment checks and food stamps awaiting us post-graduation.

Let’s dance until we forget about all our problems.

Thursday Feb 4
8pm – ∞

invite your friends
bring your moves
bring whatever you need to have a good time
let’s get crazy
let’s make this the best dance party ever at UCI

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for real, we're not only about dance parties

where have we seen this naked yudof before?

re-posted from occupy UCI

2 Responses to “Dance in Irvine”

  1. butternut Says:

    hehe we’re 5 months behind yall. and who doesn’t like Marky Mark’s hairy nutsack dangling all over our business?

  2. engine summer Says:

    i don’t know, but i hope we never see him again.

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