Shields Library Weekend


DAVIS, California – The Shields library study-in at UC Davis to keep the library open during the weekend is underway. On Thursday, the UC Davis chancellor announced plans to keep the library open this weekend in response to the announcement of the study-in. The students responded to the chancellor, rightfully stating that, “the library will be open all weekend, because we opened it!”

The Study-In at Shields Library this weekend was planned and publicized openly by activist students, staff, faculty and workers at UC Davis. The action was not discussed or negotiated with library or campus administration: it was announced. The following letter–wherein Chancellor Katehi agrees to leave the library “open”  all weekend–is in fact a response to our collective planned action. Her decision to keep the library “open” is in no way a result of negotiation or mutual concession: It is instead a recognition of what will happen this weekend, and that she can not stop it.

A detailed press release was posted here.


Saturday, 3:00pm: the study-in is going well. A good amount of people are present and there are no police or problems.

more updates are available at ouruniversity.

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    […] 5, 2010 – Students at UC Davis hold a weekend long study-in at the Shields Library. A few days after the event announcement, the administrators respond […]

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