Occupation at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England


“On the 8th of February 2010 over one hundred Sussex students entered and occupied the corporate conference centre in Bramber House as a display of support and solidarity for the UCU’s upcoming strike ballot. Furthermore, we stand in solidarity with all other workers at Sussex taking action against the cuts.”–http://defendsussex.wordpress.com/

Students at the University of Sussex have taken action to fight budget cuts at their university. We stand in solidarity with them– knowing that solidarity means each of us–at our own schools and workplaces–taking action too. Here and in England and throughout the world, we are learning how to stand up for ourselves, how not to be afraid, because we have each other to lean on.

We encourage those in the occupation to call all of their friends, to open up the occupation to as many people as possible. And we encourage them as well to transform the space, even if they only have it for a short while: share with one another, pass around pamphlets, write, discuss, make friends, and plan more actions. OCCUPY EVERYTHING!! We will too…

Your friends in struggle,


One Response to “Occupation at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England”

  1. Student at Sussex Says:

    We tried to open up the space as a liberated teaching space. A teacher and a whole class of students, in support of the occupation, attempted to use the occupied space for their lesson. They were, however, prevented from achieving this by the academic registrar and management of the university (see blog). The management threatened to close the library and cancelled seminars in an attempt to turn students against the occupiers- even telling the local newspaper that the occupation would negatively affect the wider community. We left on our own terms, as it has been decided that ‘flash’ occupations are the way forward until strike action is definite. Thanks for your solidarity. OCCUPY AND RESIST.

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