An Open Letter to UC Davis Faculty from Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Doc Students


Dear UC Davis Faculty Members:

On September 24th we began the year by walking out of our classes and workplaces in solidarity: students, faculty, workers, and staff who faced furloughs, lay-offs, pay cuts and tuition hikes, all left their buildings, classes and jobs to rally and march together against the privatization of education.

Workers and students showed overwhelming support for faculty grievances that day. We called attention to the lack of budget transparency and to faculty issues around self-governance. When administration claimed the Sept 24th walkout was led chiefly by faculty concerns, we refused to let that claim stand. We insisted we shared one struggle, and wouldn’t be divided by departments, titles, age or salary. We called ourselves equals—and took the future of our education, workplace, and university into our own hands. But since the walkout, the faculty voice has been almost entirely absent from the opposition to student fee increases and worker layoffs.

From September 24th to November’s UC-wide Days of Action and Strike against the 32% Fee Hikes, the UC protests have escalated and spread to include state colleges, junior, and community colleges and K-12 public schools throughout California. What began in the fall is now the largest coordinated protest movement in UC history. While the UC Davis students and workers continue to act, organize, and protest, the UC Davis faculty has all but disappeared.

We want to know why.

All but a small, committed handful of you have been absent at rallies, assemblies, a 3-Day Strike, three open occupations, bike protests, teach-ins, and recently, a weekend-long study-in at Shields Library.

As the March 4th State-Wide Call to Action to Defend Public Education approaches, we call again for your solidarity and participation. We invite you to join us to discuss the barriers to faculty participation at UC Davis, in a Public Forum on Wednesday, February 24th, at 8pm in Wellman 6.

Please join us in the conversation on Wednesday.


One Response to “An Open Letter to UC Davis Faculty from Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Doc Students”

  1. Dora Black Says:

    Thank you–please update if you can on the results of the discussion. This is a good idea and an important topic.

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