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Olympia, Washington – Students at Evergreen State College have occupied the Housing Community Center.

Follow them here.

Updates from Twitter:


  • Dance party is kicking, movie soon, everyone is getting along, and we woke up Art Costantino! See you in the morning!
  • About 30 people slept in the HCC! We are just waking up, come by and have breakfast with us!
  • Speaker (Savina) is about to start, workshops will follow. Or come be playful outside. CONCERT TONIGHT!
  • Budget workshop starting. Come get some food, enjoy smiling faces, and revel in other terrorist pastimes! Rolling on the floor of the HCC!
  • Teach-in Schedule @ HCC: 3:15 Budget cuts 4:30 On occupying and occupations 5:45 Port protests and history of Oly activism. More to follow!
  • Bro’s tried taking down the barricades, they just wanted some Frito’s. But they were out numbered and outclassed. Occupation workshop now!!!
  • Discussion on moving past masculinity and being a more effective ally. 7:15pm in the HCC. Folks who were at the barricade issue, please come

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