UCB Occupied!


Berkeley, CA – Durant Hall (next to Wheeler Hall) is occupied. Hundreds have stormed this building (that is being renovated).


12:10am: some UCPD (~5) present around the building, still trying to figure out what’s going on. They are spotlighting people near the entrance with flashlights, but a green chain-link fence obscures most of their view. People are dancing right outside.

1:30am: About 200 people inside.  Doors are wide open but barricades are set up to keep cops out.  There’s a few police on each side, a few hundred feet away from the building.  Durant is under construction, so random materials and fences are keeping police out for now.  Organizers have released a statement: Why Durant Hall?

1:45am: Students have emptied out of Durant, now going down Telegraph Ave smashing windows and turning over trash cans.

1:50am: Riot police have blocked students at intersection of Telegraph and Durant.  Source on the ground reported a trash can on fire.  Random people are joining the street party that is forming.

1:57am: A dumpster has now been set on fire.

2:15am: From on the ground: “Real battle with cops, rioters winnin”. 25 riot cops, 300 rioters.

2:25am: So far 1 arrest reported.  Students/rioters holding their ground against the cops.

2:35am: A 2nd arrest reported.  Students not backing down.

2:55am: Still going strong, still breaking shit, no new arrests.

3:00am: Riot dissolves. BART and Berkeley police cars patrol the streets.

11 Responses to “UCB Occupied!”

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  4. Peter Nitsche Says:

    He guys, don´t give. @ the beginning of march we´re going to occupy University of Vienna (Audimax, C1 & Co. again)

    with love


  5. SF Bay Area Indymedia Says:

    hundreds if not thousands will see your breaking news on indybay.org. please, post reports, breaking news, photos, and video to indybay.

    • bloom Says:

      hey indybay folks,

      please do us a favor and repost our info to your site.
      many of us who run all these different blogs do not
      have the time to repost all the info at every outlet online.

      we also prefer to keep these decentralized.


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  7. Kris Says:

    this riot was not the same movement as that for which Durant hall was intended. Durant hall was a statement about the education system mostly, as embedded as that topic is in others. Durant Avenue was about capitalism and the alienating city and the cracking infrastructure in its totality.
    as intertwined as they are.

  8. anon Says:

    kris, what a weird thing to say. capitalism and its metropolis are not “issues” in the same sense that education and state funding are; they are the structure of modern life itself. as such it’s no conflation to say they simply cannot be conveniently separated out from “education reform” or anything else in our social reality for that matter.

  9. new school student Says:

    keep on fighting the good fight, eating the good pizza.

  10. Eric Says:

    Do this again and again and again and we’ll get somewhere. And again.

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