String of Racism continues at UC Santa Cruz


SANTA CRUZ, California – Earlier today, a message was found written in a women’s bathroom in the Earth and Marine Sciences building at UC Santa Cruz. The message read, “San Diego Lynch” with a drawing of a noose referencing the noose found at UC San Diego last week.

(We don’t mean to throw gasoline on a fire. We were not originally intending to post this in fear of sensationalizing what appears to be one among many despicably racist messages commonly found in bathrooms. However, the UCSC Chancellor has already sent out a message to respond to this. This is not news, this is just disgusting.)

One Response to “String of Racism continues at UC Santa Cruz”

  1. A UCSC student Says:

    As a student who regularly uses this bathroom, I wanted to clarify some of the errors/unknowns here. A portion of that graffiti has actually been on the door to this unisex, single-occupant bathroom door for months. It used to just read “Diego Lynch” with the noose hanging between the name, which suggests it had nothing originally to do with the San Diego incident. I have heard others say that it is a person’s name, and that the tag is also in other bathrooms, but I can’t confirm that. The “San” is the only new part of the graffiti. Take that how you will, but be aware that the most of that graffiti never had anything to do with the San Diego incident.

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