UVA Banner Drop: And so we decided to live


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia – On March 5th, UVA fights back banner dropped in solidarity with the March 4 actions.

Public Education Is Under Attack! Stand Up! Fight Back!

This morning, Friday March 5th, a small group of students and Charlottesville folk dropped banners in UVA and the Corner that read “Public Education is Under Attack STAND UP FIGHT BACK!” and “Take Back Your Classroom, Your Workplace, YOUR LIFE.” This is in solidarity with the students, workers, faculty, parents, and the wider community that acted out all over the nation as part of the “National Day to Defend Public Education.”  This is also a small step in mobilizing and organizing right here in UVA.

The movement around the nation is happening in response to increasing budget cuts, privatization, tuition hikes, and layoffs.  We also fight against the false promises of college degrees and the university system that commodifies students for the capitalist system.  A growing number of students and those within the university community in the US have given up hope that spending thousands of dollars and working endless shifts for bad pay is supposed to give them a better chance in life.  The debt we amass indentures our life and autonomy so as the cost is too high for us to buy into this capitalist dream of “success” anymore.

And so we decided to live.  This means we are taking the spaces necessary to regain autonomy and share what we can while we dismantle the ascribed structures and roles that keep us passive and silent, all while we laugh, dance, and cry.  This means that we won’t ask for permission to act or base our actions on reform.  If we are to live without the roles we serve, then only we are capable of taking them down, not through laws written on paper or through police and authorities that are set on protecting wealth.  This is a systemic problem with a systemic solution.  The more we spread revolt and liberated spaces and the more we stop the flows of this modern society, the better we will share our spaces and the better we will live our own dreams (those dreams that don’t involve artificial and false promises).  People all the way from California to New York are taking part in this.  Charlottesville is as capable of action as any other…

To further this, there will be a general assembly meeting first in front of the Rotunda on Friday the 19th at 6pm after the John Yoo protest and all pissed-off workers, students and faculty are invited.  As are any seeking to piece together the current and ongoing education crises.  This is a space for everyone to share tools and ideas to spread the movement and find each other so that we can take spaces back and use them like the word “public” actually meant something.


The UVAFB Anti-Debt Committee


One Response to “UVA Banner Drop: And so we decided to live”

  1. williamjames Says:

    “Nevermore” echos the beginning of America’s deathgame. An armwide Welcome! to the rebith of public education.

    Occupy and Escalate!

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