we will sweep them aside


One of the speeches made on March 4th at the UC Santa Cruz shutdown has been posted on reduniversity. Here is an excerpt:

The Administration here say that our strike here is impedeing learning, that we are destructive, that we are even violent. Their unbridled hypocrisy would be amusing if it were not believed by so many.

You say we are impedeing learning? Who’s the one slashing majors, cutting classes and firing lecturers?

You say we are destructive? What’s a dirty carpet or broken table against the corrupt way the UC regents are appointed and the shattered dreams of students saddled with debt?

You say we are Violent? Who’s the one obliterating the wages of hours of workers, enforcing cuts that will rip food off working class tables and push families out of their homes? (read more)


4 Responses to “we will sweep them aside”

  1. negate Says:

    so much awesome shit outta cali and a really great website… but y’all bumpin the ISO’s rag? srsly WTF.

    • * Says:

      lol. Just because we publish something here and there from someone from ISO (so far 1 of 270 posts) doesn’t mean we are “bumpin” it, i.e. the organization/their_politics. You’re more than welcome to critique it.

      Don’t worry your regularly unscheduled insurrectionist text will likely overflow once again. Srsly, chillax.

  2. POLISSON Says:

    Hello over there!

    From France, to inform you that your info is spread over here!
    After five years of blockades and strikes in universities and high-schools, it’s really hard to start again a movement. So we meet in the streets, we open squats and fight out of school…Any excuse is now good to act.

    A new information and translation blog from burning France has been created.
    Against prisons, for a solidarity network and about daily and social war.

    Here some links about pupils struggles:

    with rage!


  3. Emily Montan Says:

    Right on and great analysis! He who is free from sin can “cast the first stone.” Unfortunately all of this fighting starts at the top. Beginning with Obama (who I didn’t vote for) who continues to be a war-monger to the Regents to the Governor to Sr Management.

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