I-880 Revisited. Again and Again…


Below are some of the best and most insightful writings to have emerged out the March 4th takeover of the I-880 and subsequent police attack and mass arrest of nearly 160 comrades:

President of Oakland Teacher’s Union Supports 880 Takeover
from Betty Olson-Jones, President, Oakland Education Association. Olson-Jones was one of the motorists stuck in traffic while police arrested the 160 people involved in the action

Rebuttal to “Why Did the March onto the 980 Freeway Happen”
Melissa Merin rips apart divisive and reactionary criticism of the interstate takeover couched in the language of racial justice

Notes on March Fourth and The Invisible College
a traveler from afar ponders the significance of the days actions and the doors that have opened to the ‘invisible college’

The Dawn of the Crisis Generation. March 4th is over, but we’ve only just begun.
non-student perspective on the significance of the 880 takeover and seeing ourselves as part of an emerging crisis movement

Feeling Froggy? Dicking Around in Santa Rita
thoughts and pranks from inside jail after taking the interstate

Raider Nation Collective Statement on the M4 Highway Takeover
An Oakland-based anti-police violence collective states their unconditional support for the action

March 4: Anarchists in the Student Movement -Crimethinc
Crimethinc gives a blow by blow account of the days actions and asks questions about the role of Anarchists

An Analysis of I-880 Direct Action
A legal observer gives a nuanced analysis of the interstate takeover


2 Responses to “I-880 Revisited. Again and Again…”

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    […] sommes la Crise ».. « l’Invisible faculté »… ) apparaissent apres coup (ici : https://occupyca.wordpress.com/2010/…). Dans 31 autres états, des actions similaires ont […]

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