UCSC professors defend student strikers!



To: The UCSC Community
From: Some UCSC Faculty (signatures below)

We write to object to CPEVC Kliger’s report issued on Thursday March 4 at 9:50 am regarding the demonstration [see below].

It is true that the demonstration successfully stopped “business as usual” on the UCSC campus. While this may have represented an inconvenience for some, it perhaps bears repeating that no significant social change occurs without some inconvenience.

Many faculty participated in the campus closure, some for the entire day, starting early in the morning. A number of us who were present at the two main entrances and at key intersections throughout the day can say with confidence that metal pipes, clubs, and knives were nowhere to be seen.

Further, the many health care workers who arrived at the two entrances were allowed to enter campus with almost no delay. Indeed, the student organizers had created an orderly and respectful protocol for speaking with people in cars who were attempting to enter the campus. Testament to their understanding of the complexities of choosing to close campus, the strike organizers had made arrangements with Family Student Housing for easy and safe access and egress. Additionally, we did not witness anyone being prevented (by protesters) from leaving the campus.

The students organizing the campus closure also made arrangements for incident monitoring and witnessing. Several received training from the National Lawyer’s Guild; there were also NLG legal observers whose role it was to remain neutral and to document. We hope these observers will attest to the specifics of reported incidents.

Some of us witnessed drivers aggressively trying to break through lines of protesters, a dangerous reaction to peaceful protest that the administration has referred to as “road rage.”

To our knowledge, administrators from Student Affairs were nowhere to be found. Campus administrative leadership was also notably absent.

The event was an impressive example of the ability of our students to educate themselves and others about the state of the California budget and the increasing privatization and corporatization of the UC and public education in California generally. Further, the event demonstrated students’ capacity to build coalitions among various university groups and with other sectors of public education and organized labor, which were represented in the rallies on campus and in downtown Santa Cruz on Thursday.

We think that the administrative leadership of UCSC should recognize the students’ commitment to defend public education in calling attention to the ongoing crisis with a day of public action.


Jordi Aladro Professor, Literature

Mark Anderson Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Anjali Arondekar Associate Professor, Feminist Studies

Noriko Aso Assistant Professor, History

Gopal Balakrishnan Associate Professor, History of Consciousness

Karen Bassi Professor, Literature and Classics

Hunter Bivens Assistant Professor, Literature

Margaret Brose Professor Emerita, Literature

Giulia Centineo Lecturer, Languages

Alan Christy Associate Professor, History

Vilashini Cooppan Associate Professor, Literature

Cindy Cruz Assistant Professor, Education

Nathaniel Deutsch Professor, History and Literature

Timothy P. Duane Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

Dana Frank Professor, History

Carla Freccero Professor, Literature

Rosa-Linda Fregoso Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies

Ron Glass Associate Professor, Education

Deborah Gould Assistant Professor, Sociology

Chris Hables Gray Lecturer, Crown College

Herman Gray Professor, Sociology

Miriam Greenberg Assistant Professor, Sociology

Jody Greene Associate Professor, Literature

Kirsten Silva Gruesz Professor, Literature

Gildas Hamel SOE Lecturer, History

Donna Haraway Distinguished Professor, History of Consciousness

Christine Hong Assistant Professor, Literature

Emily Honig Professor, History

Sharon Kinoshita Professor, Literature

Norma Klahn Professor, Literature

Regina Langhout Assistant Professor, Psychology

H. Marshall Leicester Professor, Literature

Leslie Lopez Lecturer, Latin American and Latino Studies, Writing

Helene Moglen Professor Emerita, Literature

Juan Poblete Associate Professor, Literature & Provost, Kresge College

Eric Porter Professor, American Studies

Catherine Ramírez Associate Professor, American Studies

Renya Ramirez Associate Professor, American Studies

Craig Reinarman Professor, Sociology

Don Rothman Emeritus SOE Senior Lecturer, Writing

Danilyn Rutherford Associate Professor, Anthropology

Felicity Schaeffer-Grabiel Assistant Professor, Feminist Studies

Zack Schlesinger Professor, Physics

Vanita Seth Associate Professor, Politics

Deanna Shemek Professor, Literature & Provost, Cowell College

Dana Takagi Professor, Sociology

Richard Terdiman Professor, Literature

Megan Thomas Assistant Professor, Politics

Rob Wilson Professor, Literature

Karen Tei Yamashita Professor, Literature


The undersigned, though not present when these events took place, would like to add their names in support of this letter:

Christopher Connery Professor, Literature

Shelly Errington Professor, Anthropology

Barbara Epstein Professor, History of Consciousness

Susan Gillman Professor, Literature

Gail Hershatter Distinguished Professor, History

Robert Meister Professor of Social and Political Thought


March 4, 2010

To: UCSC Community

Fr: Campus Provost David Kliger

Re: Update on Campus Protest

Earlier this morning, protest activity at both campus entrances rendered our main campus inaccessible to vehicle traffic. Reports of protesters carrying clubs and knives, smashing a car windshield with a metal pipe, denying a resident of faculty/student housing the right to exit the campus, and keeping a campus health care worker from getting to work, escalated this morning’s protest into behavior that is disruptive, intimidating and destructive.

Behavior that degrades into violence, personal intimidation, and disrespect for the rights of others is reprehensible, and does nothing to aid efforts to restore funding to the university.

These actions should cease. University police, Student Affairs staff, and others are doing their best to manage this situation. In the meantime, we commend members of our community for their patience.

Please continue to check the campus website http://www.ucsc.edu/news_events/protest/03-10/ for updates.

2 Responses to “UCSC professors defend student strikers!”

  1. Kalifornien « KOK 16 Says:

    […] Der Terminator regiert in Kalifornien: die Situation ist ernst. Der Staat will die Gebühren für die Universität noch weiter erhöhen, dabei liegen sie jetzt schon enorm hoch. Daher gab es am 04. März zahlreiche Aktionen, die über ein Netzwerk aus Blogs verbreitet worden sind. Der Protest ist auch dort bunt, wenngleich sich eine interessante situationistische Note dort verbreitet hat. Bemerkenswert ist, dass dort mindestens teilweise die Zusammenarbeit von Studierenden, Universitätsangehörigen (Professoren) und […]

  2. anon Says:

    man, the best thing was that fucking news video where they showed the cop giving the blockaders advice on how to get their point across.

    only in the u.s. would police offering advice to social movements not be greeted with an explosion of rude laughter…

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