Toma (Occupation) — Universidad de El Salvador


«Se va a revisar el sistema de seguridad de los custodios, que es deficiente. Se van a seguir procesos disciplinarios, porque no podemos permitir la anarquía»
-Rector de la Universidad de El Salvador

“We will review the security system of the custodians, which is deficient. [We]will continue pursuing disciplinary proceedings, for we can not allow anarchy.”
-University Administrator, University of El Salvador

After having successfully occupied the only public university in El Salvador, la Universidad de El Salvador, masked students some of whom were still in high school shut down the operations of the campus. This was a result of the fact that 12,500 students will not be admitted to the University of the 23,000 students that applied. Approximately 235 students engaged in the occupation which has come to an end this week and are facing disciplinary actions. (see video on Univision)

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One Response to “Toma (Occupation) — Universidad de El Salvador”

  1. Rebel 2 Says:

    The Rebels would like to mention that according to the Univision video and press release there was tension between two groups of students: those who were admitted and wanted to go to school and those who did not and wanted to close it in protest. The newscast seemed pretty sympathetic to both sides, also interviewing some professors who were obviously in favor of the students protesting, but also assuring there was literally no space for anymore students, since the university was already way way way beyond capacity.

    One prof. mentioned that “everyone has the right to an education”.

    Another person quotes, that a possible anti-terrorism law may be placed into effect to take them out… since, the illegal occupation of a public building is considered a terrorist act under some law in El Salvador.

    Then the website reports that class are back to normal, today. The occupiers escaped through the back door.

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