Victory in Sussex


Cheres amis,

Finest from Anglo-Normandy, where we really hit the nail on the head in the last week. We invite you to spread the word of our little victory, and word of our little sadnesses at what’s lost for the moment, and of our pride and hope for the future too.

There’ll be some good writing coming up soon, I think.

Comunique below.

Victory – a leaving statement
After eight days of occupation, management have conceded to our demands. We have seen a mass movement spring up around the occupation – staff, students and faculty have come out in strength this last week to fiercely oppose the summary suspensions of six students, and the continued threat to Sussex.

Yesterday an 850-strong Emergency general meeting proved that we, the students, have no confidence in the VCEG. We, the students, have spoken. The occupation became far more than a symbolic opposition; it was a positive and exciting space in its own right – which has embodied our vision of what Sussex can, what Sussex should be, and of what we want from our education.

The strike today, the Senate meeting yesterday; these ratify our position – we the sussex community are united against management and their ‘proposals for change’. This result proves that a sustained movement; built with a diversity of tactics, skills and perspectives, can achieve concrete results.

We will not stop here.

This has been the first of a series of victories to come at Sussex – the first of a series of victories nationally, internationally. We have left A2 in perfect condition, and are now going out to join the UCU strike rally. Next term will see more action, more fighting cuts; management on the run.

We leave for the holidays in a position of strength. There is much work yet to do.

Till next term,
Stop the Cuts


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