Why the University is Trying to Expel Me


SANTA CRUZ, California – The following is a statement published by Brian Glasscock in response to the charges and sanctions he faces.

The University is trying to expel me based upon two incidents.

The first incident took place in October of 2009. I was arrested and pepper-sprayed for carrying a picnic table outside of an occupation that took place at UC Santa Cruz at the Humanities 2 building. I and two other people were moving a picnic table out of the Humanities court yard where there was a dance party going on. The University is alleging that I was carrying the picnic table to barricade the door of the Humanities 2 building which was occupied at the time. Further, they argue that I was given enough time (30 to 45 seconds they state) to respond to police requests to put the table down before being pepper-sprayed. I however did not hear the police’s requests until right before I was pepper-sprayed because of the commotion and noise of the dance party. This incident has been used to suspend me and ban me from campus.

The second incident was my involvement in the Kerr Hall occupation in November. During the Kerr Hall occupation I participated in general assemblies which took place in the building. I did not participate any theft, property damage, nor any other purported actions the University says took place during the occupation. I took part in the general assemblies to show my support for the occupation, which effectively shut down UCSC’s administration for three days.

The UCSC administration is arguing that even this minor participation in general assemblies is a rule violation. This violation, my arrest at Humanities 2, and my previous judicial record are being used by the University as the ground for my expulsion.

I do not think that these incidents warrant an expulsion. The notation of expulsion will always be on my transcript and will effect my admissions to any other university while also preventing many future job prospects – it is an attack on my future and my ability to participate and thrive in this world.

My expulsion is part of a significantly more widespread campaign against students on campus. Many participants of the Kerr Hall occupation have received demands from the University to pay $944 dollars in restitution. They must pay this fine or they will be barred from enrolling in classes for the fall and those who have graduated this quarter will have their degrees withheld. There is no evidence linking these individuals to the alleged property damage that occurred. Instead, these fines are a blatantly a political attack meant to cause both academic and financial hardship. One other comrade, Olivia Egan-Rudolph, is also being suspended and banned from campus as well as having her degree withheld until December.

Throughout these proceedings the University has used an objective and legalistic discourse to mask the political nature of their attacks on participants. This process is everything but objective and is instead an attempt to neutralize a negative political situation. At other Universities–even private schools–there are typically trials by ones peers. That is not the case at the UC, as the final decision arbitrarily rests with various administrators who have a clear bias which raises serious questions about the fairness of the University’s proceedings.

The University wants to be done with me, they want me to disappear. They wish to make an example of all those who participated in Kerr Hall to dissuade people from continuing or beginning to take action on campus. We should not let them get away with this.

I need your help to fight my expulsion. It is urgent that we take collective action around these attacks. I am asking for your support for me and all those facing these charges.

If you have received a letter from UCSC regarding Kerr Hall please contact StudentLegalDefense [at] gmail [dot] com ASAP.

– Brian Glasscock

5 Responses to “Why the University is Trying to Expel Me”

  1. Ahonymos Says:

    “and my previous judicial record are being used by the University as the ground for my expulsion.”

    Uh, what? I think we can all agree that you being expelled for those two violations is insane, but you went and mentioned that. What, exactly, is your previous judicial record? I mean, if it turns out that you were one of the people who wrote racist stuff, or that… I don’t know, you spent last year breaking windows or something, that’s a little different. I’m sure you didn’t, but, I’m curious as to what your previous record is, since you brought it up.

  2. Diane Says:

    We might be curious about it, but if Brian’s judicial record preceded his admittance to UCSC in September then its irrelevant to any other claims the University makes against him. And expelling any student for those two violations is exactly aimed at making them a scapegoat in order to strike fear into potential campus activists. Good luck, Brian

  3. fulano de tal Says:

    and yo, bringing up someone’s previous judicial record is against the law in civilian court. so why should the UC be allowed to use it? each offense is to be judged on its own, as far as guilt or innocence is concerned. while we have a shred of the constitution left, that is.

  4. Diane Says:

    Unfortunately “shouldn’t,” “can’t” and even against the law too often don’t apply to those with the power to ignore such petty constraints (see the Massey Mining Company’s history of fined safety violations before they killed 25 miners last week).

    The University shouldn’t be allowed to do a lot of what it is doing.
    The problem is that someone would have to sue them to make that a legal claim and big institutions count on the people they are abusing not having the resources–or on people assuming that the institution has too many more resources than them to bother.

    That’s often true, but fortunately there have always been people not intimidated by power — like you guys! I’m sure your legal volunteers will have a pretty good idea about what is worth trying along those lines. You’re slowly getting more positive media coverage which may work better with Universities than business. And you’re still organizing, which is one victory in itself.

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